• Proposed Expansion from Croell Application

Perli Pit (Croell Mine)

Croell Redi Mix has applied to expand their mining operations of the Perli Pit. While aggregate mining is pertinent to growth of a community for building both roads and buildings, the issue at hand is the location! Located just off South Highway 16, this is the scenic corridor to Mt. Rushmore where a vast majority of the 3 million yearly visitors will pass. The Pennington County Commission is currently seeking to amend mining regulations that will allow a heavy industrial operation to function at this location which will not only negatively impact tourism but is also located in populated area.

Not only is the mining operation a terrible eye-sore but the process of mining for aggregate is anything but benign and poses significant environmental, economic and safety impacts!

The Original Request for Rezoning Ag to Heavy Industrial where only Ag and Highway Service is Allowed/Used Today

Many of us believe that we have laws in place that protect our health and safety (and we do.) But when it comes to quarries, the burden of proof of adverse effects on our health, the environment, and our property values falls on us as citizens!!

Over the past several years, the decisions of the Pennington County Staff and Commissioners call into question whose rights are being protected. If the Commissioners decide to pass the new zoning regulations and allow Croell to proceed with the Perli Pit, the decisions and consequences will be almost impossible to undo. Given the risks…there is too much at stake!

Please be aware…you do not need to drive by this location for the consequences to affect you!!!! Neighborhoods such as Hart Ranch, Moon Meadows, Coyote Flats, New Yoke Road, Colonial Pines, Countryside and Red Rocks could be impacted.

Home & Property Values

Water Depletion & Contamination

Health Concerns

Traffic Concerns