Pennington County Board of Commissioner

A Special Hearing on Croell’s Construction Permit Application was held by the Pennington County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 4 pm at the Pennington County Building in Rapid City, SD

This meeting was well attended by over 140 members of the community, most of which voiced their concern with the construction permit application, with both process and content. An attorney representing Croell Redi-Mix was also present. The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to POSTPONE the decision until their March 15 meeting. The postponement was made because the commissioners wanted more time to digest the information presented and gather information of their own. The commissioners also requested a tour of the site. More details of the meeting can be found in an article in the Rapid City Journal dated March 3, 2016 (2nd page).

This postponement was later extended because Croell later stated they could not be at the March 15 meeting. The public was not given reason for this delay. More information will follow.

We are aware that work continues on the site even though a construction permit is not been granted. We interpret this as an illegal action.

We have identified some pertinent questions listed below. These questions are being addressed to the Commissioners via their email service available on their website. They may or may not wish to respond to these questions; however we feel it is their duty to respond. These questions mostly arise from the comments made by the attorney representing Croell.

Email to Commissioners

Honorable Commissioners,

I have a questions I would like you to address please. I am also sending these questions to the Rapid City Journal because they might wish to address these questions in an article or two. Thank you.

  1. Why is Section 507b of the Pennington County Codes being ignored by P.J. Conover and treated as irrelevant?
  1. Can an illegal operation of the pit be ‘grandfathered’?
  2. Did the quarry operation have a construction permit prior to the Croell purchase? If not, was it legal and should operations immediately cease?
  3. There is a sign posted at the mine site (see attached) that says it’s Croell land. It has been there since December. If Croell took possession on March 1 why was it posted in mid-December?
  4. If Croell took possession on March 1 who owned/operated/leased the mine site from January 1 to February 29 when significant clearing, blasting, and quarrying occurred?

Thank you for your dedication and time with this important issue.